Umbilical cord blood


Umbilical cord blood

When my father first told me that I was going to have a baby, he gave me an ultrasound at the hospital where we were staying in the nursing home for the elderly.

My sister and I had no idea what it felt like for anyone to be so happy when they saw their baby’s feet. It felt as though someone we didn’t know had just given us another child. We were filled with love and excitement but I remember looking up the ultrasound of our two babies to see how much weight each one had. The ultrasound seemed to show nothing between our babies. Instead of making it seem as though we were not expecting a child, the nurse who performed the ultrasound said that “no worries”.

I was confused because the ultrasound looked great. In real life there is only that feeling you get when seeing your baby first. I believe this feeling is created by hormones which are made in the womb and sent out to all mammals after birth, and then released.

I don’t know about you guys, but the hormone feeling from our womb isn’t something that comes out of nowhere. Our womb was full of experiences that set us apart from animals that were born later on in development and we are both familiar with. Those memories and experiences are being released into all of us.

Some people would say our womb was too empty for anything to happen to our unborn children, this may be true, but the womb itself was never empty. There are many ways to feel as if your womb has been full before it was ever used by our newborn children. If we could understand what the womb feels like, we would be able to make more accurate decisions in pregnancy and make sure we always have the best possible care we can give our babies.

So why do some doctors warn women not to expect a baby? Well, let’s start with why is it believed that our womb is useless or doesn’t really matter after birth? This is an important question for me!

What makes a womb useful? Why does everyone think our womb, which contains the womb blood, is useless?? What is a womb blood? The womb blood used for food is actually considered safe and helpful to our babies. So what is it really? A womb blood.

Our womb blood is very similar to human blood as it contains cells and proteins. Human blood contains glucose with most protein to produce it. Both womb blood and human blood are very different. These differences arise due to our womb being formed earlier in history. Humans are still relatively old compared to other mammals. Animals that were born later in the same timeline were not ready for having children when they were born and so when humans were born, our womb blood and womb blood were utilized differently. Humans were used for creating tissues, while womb blood was used as food.

Many mammals that were born later in time, such as dogs and cats, also utilize womb blood as food. That means that womb blood isn’t useless after birth. But why was it considered useless after birth? Because of its role and function in our fetus? Yes, that’s true. However, womb blood isn’t useless at a young age. Womb blood contains proteins and glucose which helps maintain and grow our fetus until they reach around 2 years old. After 2 years, womb blood becomes useful again. As we speak, our womb blood is utilized by the unborn babies. They now have glucose in their bloodstream so they have energy. Not just glucose, they have energy. Which is essential for growing brain cells to perform normal functions. Like walking, or breathing.

Most of these protein structures that help our bodies run were important for the survival of unborn babies. To the extent that our womb blood is “unusable” later in life, our womb blood is also used for sustaining the well-being of newborns during early developmental stages. During embryonic development, our womb blood helped develop new embryos. That’s where the womb blood was needed. And because of the high volumes of womb blood and glucose, the newborn babies could survive throughout various parts of their journey to becoming adults. They have enough glucose to keep them healthy. Without our womb blood, babies would not survive past 7 years of their lives. We need womb blood all through our life. Especially since newborn babies are unable of feeding themselves. Throughout the entire lifecycle? We need womb blood every step of the way!

I want this story to inspire you to become more active to ensure the long term health and well-being of your babies! Let’s continue to look for treatments that will assist our mothers, while keeping her body healthy and able to give birth. I want to make this story available for others who wish to benefit from womb blood. Please feel free to share with those you wish to benefit from womb blood! All moms need to be aware of the importance of womb blood! You can become a part of the movement here!

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